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Mills (OVA), Elizabeth Berkley (Poly-Matrix), Juliette Lewis (Dual-Matrix) (English) 2. When humanoid robots living undetected in a Mars colony are targeted for extinction by wild-eyed human vigilantes, bad-ass robotic girl cop Naomi Armitage leads the robots&39; fight for survival, with help from her human partner. More ARMITAGE THE III POLY-MATRIX videos. A planet where humans and robots live together admidst all the splendor of modern. So much better than Ghost in the Shell. She is also a &39;Third&39;, and her fight against D&39;Anclaude is a fight for her survival. Mardini is the vice president of an Earth Robotics Corporation and an admirer of Dr. com: Armitage III Poly-Matrix (Geneon Signature Series): Elizabeth Berkley, Kiefer Sutherland, Dan Woren, Wanda Nowicki, Mike Reynolds, Bryan Cranston, Stephen Apostolina, Barry Stigler, Doug Stone, Dorothy Elias-Fahn, Steve Blum, Riva Spier, Takuya Satô, Tôru Miura, Akinori Endô, Chiaki Konaka, Kevin Seymour, Mary Claypool: Movies & TV.

He is assigned a very unorthodox partner named. this movie was too dry for an anime. They are a mix of mechanical and biological.

The DVD is only in English (with optional Japanese subtitles) The 4-episode OAV version is in Japanese with optional English subtitles and/or dubbing. The series was followed up in. Naomi considers him her father. The antagonist of Dual-Matrix, he attempts to recreate his idol&39;s work on Thirds, but his clones are unable to give birth to humans. The year is. This section&39;s plot ARMITAGE THE III POLY-MATRIX summary may be too long or excessively detailed.

The theatrical version&39;s widescreen is only matted, though (cut scenes 1 and 2). Naomi Armitage is a cyber-punk Martian cop in hot pants, with an attitude as deadly as her gun. Armitage III: Poly Matrix J Ross Sylibus is assigned to a police unit on a Martian colony, to find that women are being murdered by a psychotic named D&39;anclaude. The document has moved here. In 1996, the series was edited into a film called Armitage: Poly-Matrix (アミテージ POLY-MATRIX, Amitēji Pori Matorikkusu). Free shipping for many products! Check out the exclusive TVGuide. · Armitage III: Poly-Matrix is a fascinating curiosity of earlier Western anime fandom.

Wonderful Days is quite a bit more impressive visually than Armitage, but Armitage has a more compelling story. Foi inspirado em títulos como Blade Runner e Snatcher. Armitage III: Poly-Matrix is a compilation of the four-episode OAV series with reworked sound effects and a new English dub (Japanese dialogue not available) featuring Keifer Sutherland (24, The. Armitage III Poly-Matrix is a must-see anime film for all cyberpunk and anime fans who missed this gem a long time ago. Please help improve it by removing unnecessary details and making it more concise.

Rent Armitage III: Poly-Matrix (1996) starring Kiefer Sutherland and Elizabeth Berkley on DVD and Blu-ray. A policeman, Ross Sylibus, is assigned to a unit on a Martian colony, to find that women are being murdered by a psychotic named D&39;anclaude. On the same shuttle as Syllibus travels Kelly McCannon—"the last country singer in the Universe".

Two detectives probe the destruction of high-tech robots on Mars. Genre: anime, sci fi. Voiced by: Shunsuke Shima (OVA) (Japanese), Gil Starberry (OVA), Barry Stigler (Poly-Matrix) (English) 2. · Naomi Armitage, the strongest and deadliest of the "Third Types", is forced to reveal her true nature to prevent the extermination of her kind.

D&39;anclaude then attacks them and is revealed to be a second. Asakura&39;s work. Other aspects of the movie have also been changed. Welcome to the year.

Asakura, whom she refers to as "papa". · The 4 OVA episodes were edited together, removing some footage adding new sound effects and had a English only language track featuring the voices of Elizabeth Berkley as Naomi Armitage and Kiefer Sutherland as Ross Sylibus. More ARMITAGE THE III POLY-MATRIX images. The seconds are the most recent line of robots, as far as the public knows.

In 1996, the series was edited into a film called Armitage: Poly-Matrix (アミテージ POLY-MATRIX ( ポリマトリックス ), Amitēji Pori Matorikkusu). Télécharger Armitage III Polymatrix PLUS RAPIDE (Téléchargement Sécurisé) Armitage. What is Armitage III? Discover 11 high-resolution movie posters of Armitage III: Poly Matrix (Animation, Action, Sci-Fi, Thriller) on MoviePosterDB. Armitage becomes Ross Syllabus&39; partner when he joins the Mars Police Department. Asakura is an artificial intelligenceresearcher and, along with René D&39;anclaude, the creator of the thirds. Voiced by: Hiroko Kasahara (OVA), Ryoka Yuzuki (Dual-Matrix) (Japanese), B. Ross seeks her out as she enlists ARMITAGE THE III POLY-MATRIX the help of a male third named Julian Moore.

It was named "Armitage III: Poly Matrix". On board is Ross Syllibus, a middle-aged cop from Chicago. Armitage III: Poly-Matrix es una compilación de la serie de OVAS de cuatro episodios doblada en Inglés que se realizo en Estados Unidos (el diálogo en japonés no está disponible). Supporting characters. The main character, Naomi Armitage, works as a police detective on Mars (clad, naturally, in bright-red hotpants and suspended stockings), but she is also a &39;third&39;, i. Due to the declining birth rate on Mars, Demetrio plans to create human labor forces that never complain, soldiers who aren&39;t afraid of dy. Fantastic cyberpunk adventure that focuses on whether machines can feel.

an illegally created robot passing as a human, and it is for this reason, and not (thankfully) because it is a sequel, that the film is called &39;Armitage III: Polymatrix&39; – although it is anyone&39;s guess what &39;polymatrix&39; is supposed to denote. Demetrio Mardini(デミトリオ・マルディーニ, Demitorio Marudīni? The Earth became overpopulated and therefore, mankind created a colonization in Mars with the help of first type" androids and built the city of Saint Lowell. As the shuttle nears the terminal, a mysterious man is seen entering the cargos. · Alita: Battle Angel graces us with pure cyberpunk fun that, thankfully, stays tight to the source material and is faithfully adapted to the big screen. The overpopulation of Earth has led to the colonization of Mars—with the aid of the "first type" androids, ARMITAGE THE III POLY-MATRIX men were able to begin terraforming the unfriendly environment of Mars and build the city of Saint Lowell. A newer Third-Type robot has been designed to interact undetected in human society.

The full-feature version of the popular anime, voiced in English by Elizabeth Berkley and Kiefer Sutherland. Armitage III: Poly Matrix Sign up ARMITAGE THE III POLY-MATRIX now to find fans of your favorite movies and shows! Fast, free delivery. · 14 images of the Armitage III: PolyMatrix cast of characters.

Realizing that the government h. · Armitage III Poly-Matrix & Dual Matrix - DVD - Anime (Grove City) JLA FORUMS | Classifieds | FOR SALE - Pennsylvania | FOR SALE - Pittsburgh, PA Tue Dec:16 pm. The theatrical cut&39;s exclusive scenes were mostly added so the plot would still be comprehensible despite all the cuts. The film is based on the fantastically fun. The anime Armitage III: Poly-Matrix (Action, Sci-Fi, Mecha). At some point in the past, Asakura&39;s mind was altered–this causes him to appear really crazy at times and prone to violent outbursts, when at other times, he is completely sane and rational. The story begins with a space shuttle nearing the destination of Saint Lowell&39;s space port.

The series was later recut into a single English-only movie titled Armitage III: Poly-Matrix and featured name actors ( Kiefer Sutherland and Elizabeth Berkley) in the lead roles. com movie review and see our movie rating for Armitage III: Poly-Matrix. . Armitage III: Poly-Matrix (1997) Armitage III is a four-part anime OVA series from Pioneer Entertainment. This is, significantly, a theatrical re-edit of a four episode 1995 OVA series where the run time is at least over two hours, making this a ninety minute production which still works as a story but had to excise a lot to get its length. The Assasinriods were designed to be the perfect assasins. Armitage III: Poly Matrix Photos View All Photos (9) Movie Info.

Взято с &39;DVD&39;-издания "Armitage: 2-Disc Set". In this time life becomes very perilous for the beingd known as seconds. Armitage III é um anime OVA de 4 episódios, com uma trama intrincada e violenta.

. Armitage is a brash cybernetic cop with a racy wardrobe who patrols a Mars metropolis. Audience Reviews for Armitage III: Poly Matrix. mkv (935 Mo) Liens De Téléchargement :. Syllibus asked to be transferred to the Martian Police Department to escape from his past and haunting memories of his beloved one being murdered by a robot. Nederlands русский.

See full list on manga. In Armitage, we have the thirds, and in Wonderful Days we have a whole class of outcasts and underclass citizens, so either way, there is a fight for freedom, and great visuals. When was Armitage Poly Matrix made?

The year is 2179: humans and robots have colonized Mars. Armitage is a Third-Type that works for the police with her partner Ross, and now these two must rid the planet of D&39;anclaude and his evil plans. Armitage III (アミテージ・ザ・サード, Amitēji Za Sādo) is a 1995 cyberpunk original video animation series. Mars, recently terraformed into the next vestige of human expansion. At the Saint Lowell&39;s space port he is to meet his new partner—a young girl named Naomi Armitage. Seventy years after the start of colonization, the city is completed and inhabited by great numbers of people and "Second type" robots, much improved versions of the "First types".

That is, until a man named D&39;anclaude discovers their secret and starts a movement to wipe them out. Is Armitage a third or a third? She and her stoic partner, Sylibus, risk everything to track a killer who is revealing his female victims’ identities as highly-advanced androids. · This item: Armitage III - Poly-Matrix by Elizabeth Berkley DVD . Ross debera unirse a. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Armitage III Poly-Matrix: An Animated Motion Picture (VHS, 1997) at the best online prices at eBay! In 1996, the series was edited into a film called Armitage: Poly-Matrix (アミテージ POLY-MATRIX ポリマトリックス Amitēji Pori Matorikkusu). Armitage&39;s creator is Dr.

Photos of the Armitage III: PolyMatrix (Movie) voice actors. Armitage is eventually revealed to be a third and goes into hiding as the police hunt for her. Naomi Armitage is an illegal "Third type" android—the most human-like robot ever. Her partner, Ross Sylibus, lost his partner at the hands of a cybernetic killer and hates robots. · Amazon. Naomi Armitage from the anime Armitage III: Poly-Matrix. Get unlimited DVD Movies & TV Shows delivered to your door with no late fees, ever.

Armitage III: Poly-Matrix In the year humans are moving away from using robots and begin to trust them less and less.


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